Access Improvement Grants

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About the Grant

Access improvement grants are available to enhance the public accessibility to land that is acquired with proceeds from the Land for Maine’s Future Fund and the Public Access to Maine Waters Fund. These grants enhance Land for Maine's Future (LMF) acquisition dollars by making conserved land more accessible to the public. Grants may be for the upgrade of access roads, the addition of parking, trails, and boat launches, or the installation of signage, information kiosks, and picnic tables. Grant funds can be used to reimburse work that has already been done, assuming the Board approves funding for all aspects of the work completed.

Eligible Applicants

A landowner of LMF funded land may apply for an access improvement grant to fund minor capital improvements to improve accessibility on the LMF funded land and on adjoining lands in the same ownership or under the same management. Access improvement grants are not offered for lands which are protected by conservation easements unless easement terms explicitly allow the easement holder to make access improvements to the land covered by the easement. If funds are available, grants are offered each winter for projects that closed within the past year. LMF staff will contact the applicant to inform them of the application process and amount of funds available for their access improvement project.

Application Materials

Access Improvement Grants Fact Sheet for Applicants (PDF)