Public Access to Maine Waters Fund

Status: Accepting Applications

About the Funds

Application for water access projects may submitted at any time so long as funding is available.

The Public Access to Maine Waters Fund is designed to 'get people to the water.' The board will accomplish this by acquiring fee simple of public access rights on small parcels of land to create or enhance access points to lakes, ponds, rivers, and coastal waters. Land for access could support a facility for trailered boats, or small, hand-launched craft (canoes, kayaks) and provide bank fishing, swimming, clamming, worming, or other water contact opportunities. Access is primarily intended for general public use.

Eligible Applicants

An application to LMF requires sponsorship from a suitable state agency. An application must include full knowledge and agreement from the landowner that their project is up for consideration for LMF funding.

Funds often assist land trusts, municipal conservation commissions, local governments, private nonprofit charitable organizations, state agencies, and private foundations.

LMF RFP Workbook

2024 Complete Workbook (PDF), Board Adopted Policy and Guidelines, December 2023

Application Materials from Workbook