Agricultural Infrastructure Investment Program

The Agriculture Infrastructure Investment (AII) Program is a Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan initiative created to help Maine farmers and food processors upgrade aging infrastructure. It's backed by $20 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds.

AII funding will be available for Maine farms, agricultural food producers, and food processing businesses to support a number of activities, including:

  • Capital improvements including modifications to existing buildings and/or construction of new buildings at existing facilities;
  • Upgrades to utilities (including water, electric, heat, refrigeration, freezing, and waste facilities);
  • Growing, processing, and manufacturing equipment and construction;
  • Packaging and handling equipment; and
  • Technology that allows increased capacity or business resilience (including software and hardware related to business functions, logistics, inventory management, and plant production and monitoring controls

We expect to announce aII details, including a robust set of program guidelines that covers eligibility, allowable use, and the application process in December 2021. Receive email notification when this information becomes available.