Support DACF Programs

Programs in the DACF receive support from various sources. Supporting agriculture and conservation in Maine is as simple as purchasing a specialty license plate or visiting one of Maine's beautiful state parks.

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With your purchase you are supporting the programs of DACF:

The DACF has many programs that are authorized to accept donations.

Contributions can be made to specific purposes or to support broad agriculture or conservation purposes.

Make checks payable to: "Treasurer, State of Maine"
Mail to: DACF, 22 SHS, Augusta, ME 04333-0022
Please indicate the purpose for which you would like to direct your donation.

Specific Programs Include

  • Donate to fight animal abuse. Your donation will fight animal cruelty and pet overpopulation in Maine.
  • Support the investigation, conservation and management of native plants, natural communities, and ecosystems by donating to the Maine Natural Areas Program.
  • Support Project Canopy and the Community Forestry Fund. Donations to the Community Forestry Fund support planting of public shade trees in support of this objective. For more information on how you can donate contact: Jan Santerre, Project Canopy Coordinator, Maine Forest Service, Phone: (207) 287-4987, Mobile: (207) 557-2305
  • Land for Maine's Future - Donations can be designated toward the protection of farmland, water access sites, working waterfronts, conservation and recreation lands or support the broad goals of the program.
  • Donations to State Parks or Public Lands can be made through various Friends Groups or directly to the DACF. Please indicate if your donation is for a specific State Park, Public Lands or a particular project.
  • Hunters for the Hungry - The program accepts donations, bear, deer and moose meat. Road kill donations are also accepted, provided that meat is not damaged. Hunters do not pay the processing of donated meat. Hunters choosing to keep their game can still donate a few pounds to the program. To get connected to a Hunters for the Hungry participating meat processor, call toll free, 1-888-4DEERME (1-888-433-3763).