Veterans' Services

Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services

  1. MBVS website -

Veterans who choose to call Maine home are incredibly fortunate to have access to a wealth of benefits and resources. It is our hope that this website provides you with a full understanding of the benefits, services, and programs available to you whether you're a veteran, family member, or currently serving and transitioning from the military.

  1. MBVS Veterans’ Request Form -

To fulfill a request for records and service, the Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services asks all veterans and their families to complete the above form. Updated contact information is necessary to get you access to earned benefits in the most efficient manner possible.

  1. MBVS 147-page Maine Veterans’ Benefits and Resource Guide -

The Mine Veterans’ Benefits and Resource Guide is a comprehensive guide to the over 400 veteran service organizations across the State of Maine.  Services can be located by County or by type of service with a description of the service offered by individual organizations.

  1. Veterans Emergency Financial Assistance -

VEFA was created to provide assistance for Maine Veterans who suffer an emergency and do not have sufficient savings or access to other financial assistance to resolve the emergency. Eligible veterans may receive up to $2000 in a calendar year.