Prison Industries

The Maine Department of Corrections operates Industries Programs in five of our Adult Facilities. Our goal is to provide quality products to the public and other agencies while, very importantly, keeping as many residents busy as possible. With average program revenues exceeding $1.5 million annually, Industries is primarily a self-funded operation and has been described by Washington D.C. consultants as “Unique to the Nation”.

The Maine Correctional Industries Program has a long history of producing quality products while providing residents the opportunity to learn marketable job skills. The program also teaches work ethics and responsibility—necessary tools for the transition into the workforce. The program helps residents build a strong foundation to reestablish their lives upon release.

Industries works to develop partnerships with manufacturers in the community. Our partnering with outside manufacturers serves a dual purpose, while teaching residents a new skill and giving them an opportunity to earn and save money for their eventual release, it creates relationships with outside companies willing to hire those with justice involvement. The training and programming residents receive while serving their time can be pivotal to becoming a productive citizen once released.

Several industry programs are enrolled in the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Programs (PIECP), a federally certified and highly regulated program.

Upholstery Shop

The Prison Industries Upholstery Shop is the home of the state’s only Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP), a federally certified program which allows prisoners to work for private enterprise, and grants an exemption from federal restrictions on prisoner-made goods in interstate commerce. This highly regulated program enables participating prisoners to earn money which goes toward reimbursing the state for their room and board expenses, as well as paying victim restitution and child support. 

Maine State Prison Showroom

The Maine State Prison Showroom, located on Route 1 in Thomaston, Maine (207-354-9237), is the largest retailer of over 600 crafted products, but there are also over 60 private vendors approved to resell prison-made goods throughout the State of Maine.

The Showroom is open year-round, 7 days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Products are available for sale to the public by visiting the Maine State Prison Showroom on Route 1 in Thomaston, Maine. You may call for product availability at (207) 354-9237, e-mail the Showroom, or communicate via the Facebook page.

For customers using GPS, our physical address is 358 Main St., Thomaston, ME 04861

Industries Programs include:

  • Woodshop--MSP, MCC, MVCF
  • Garments-- MCC
  • Re-upholstery--MCC
  • Embroidery--MCC
  • License Plates--BCF
  • Wood Harvesting--MVCF
  • Upholstery--MSP
  • Engraving--MSP

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Interested in buying products made by residents at MDOC or having custom work done?

Our Prison Industries provide many benefits to taxpayers, communities, residents, and the staff of the Maine Department of Corrections. Teaching residents basic work ethics and job skills unlocks the door to opportunity for residents released to the community.

Interested in selling your products to MDOC?

The individual facilities do much of their own purchasing. Contact the Business Manager at the facility for more information:

For information on selling your products to other Maine agencies visit the Division of Procurement Services.