Maine Correctional Center Volunteer

Volunteer Office

Maine Correctional Center recognizes the power of community involvement within the facility.  The compassion of the volunteers as well as the expertise of individuals from the community multiplies the services we are able to offer and significantly increases our ability to develop healthy skills within our population.

Examples of volunteer services at MCC:

School Department

While we have a robust educational program within the facility, we regularly work with former teachers and educational leaders to support our residents in achieving their educational goals.

Substance Use Disorder support

From AA to Celebrate Recovery and more, volunteers with significant expertise often run programs at MCC. 

Recreational Support

Volunteers have many ways to support our residents within our Recreation Department.  Professional Musicians often give lessons to our population.  Volunteers from the community have also engaged our residents in Mindful Meditation and Yoga classes.  These are very popular and helpful programs.

Religious Services

We benefit from significant support and guidance from our local religious and spiritual community. 

Becoming a Volunteer

The Maine Correctional Center welcomes volunteers of diverse backgrounds and professions.  While it is possible to become a volunteer with a criminal history, each volunteer applicant is looked at individually by the volunteer department at MCC.  To become a volunteer, we ask that you reach out to our volunteer coordinator at  You will be asked to fill out an application and undergo our volunteer training, which happens monthly.