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November 2023 Juvenile Population

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Last updated December 8th, 2023. 

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Our Mission

Christine Thibeault, Associate Commissioner

The Maine Department of Corrections Juvenile Division is committed to the result that all Maine youth successfully transition into adulthood. The Juvenile Division’s contribution to this result is to ensure that all justice involved youth experience a fair, equitable, and responsive juvenile justice system that provides them with positive outcomes. The Juvenile Division is committed to reducing the use of institutional secure confinement by increasing the capacity and use of community-based programming and supports.

Contact Us

The central office is located in the Elkins Building on Tyson Drive (at Riverview Psychiatric Center campus, the former Augusta Mental Health Institute)

The postal address is 111 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333

You can also send e-mail to the Associate Commissioner or to a support staff.

You can also reach us by phone: (207) 287-4362 or fax: (207) 287-4370

Youth and Family Handbook

Becoming involved in the juvenile justice system can be overwhelming and scary. Whatever emotions you may be feeling, you will probably be able to better understand and know more about potential outcomes of your involvement with juvenile services. This handbook is designed to help you learn about how the juvenile justice system works in Maine, and what resources are available to support you and your family.


 Download the handbook (PDF)