How Is The Maine Wildlife Park Funded?

The Maine Wildlife Park is owned and operated by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, (MDIFW) and is a part of the Division of Information and Education.

The First Regular Session of the 115th Legislature mandated, through Chapter 591 (dated 7/17/91), that a dedicated account be established in which to deposit all Maine Wildlife Park revenues. Monies from admission fees and donations were allowed to accrue, with interest, in the dedicated account from July 1, 1991 to July 1, 1994 in order to provide a starting point from which to begin operating the facility from its own revenues. Fiscal Year 1994 was the first year that any portion of the dedicated account was allocated for park operations. During each subsequent biennium, the wildlife park gradually assumed more and more of its annual operations, capital and personnel expenses. Section 7735-a of Chapter 591 also mandated that this facility become "increasingly financially self-sustaining". The park has achieved this mandate in FY 2004; the first time the park was operated solely from its own dedicated revenues.

The Park continues to receive 'in kind' services from a variety of Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife staff and resources, as well as funding from grants channeled through and from the MDIFW.

The Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park, a nonprofit 501C3 organization, supports a variety of wildlife park activities, new wildlife exhibits and displays through fund raising projects of its own. Donations can be made directly to the Friends at: PO BOX 1231, Gray, ME 04039.