Park Policies

Wild animals do not make good pets! Although young birds and mammals are cute and adorable when babies, they soon grow into mature adults with wild instincts, making them unmanageable and undesirable as household pets. It is also illegal to possess any wild animal in Maine without special permits. These laws are designed to protect animals from being kidnapped from the wild, and to protect people from receiving a serious bite, or even a contagious disease. So please, follow one simple rule when coming upon young wildlife -- if you care, leave them there!

Please follow Wildlife Park rules!

  • Dogs or other pets are not permitted inside the park! Please do not plan to leave your pets in your vehicle. Our parking lot has very little shade.
  • NO open fires are permitted.
  • NO smoking on park grounds or parking areas.
  • NO balloons are allowed on park property.
  • Please use designated areas for cooking.
  • Place trash in the containers provided.
  • Do not feed the animals except for the pelleted feed available in dispensers.
  • The use or possession of firearms, fireworks, air weapons, explosives, and/or any type of weapon is prohibited within the boundaries of the area.
  • The hunting, trapping, removal, molesting, injury, or damage to any animal or bird, or to any other natural or physical thing, is strictly prohibited.
  • No alcohol or drugs may be brought onto, or sold, or consumed on Maine Wildlife Park property.
  • Shirts and shoes are required.
  • Operating any motor vehicle within the boundaries of the park, except on roads or in parking areas, is prohibited; some roads may also be posted as closed. This does not apply to Department personnel on official business.
  • Verbal or physical harassment of our exhibit wildlife in any way will result in that person's immediate removal from the park.
  • Always treat other visitors and Park staff and volunteers with respect. Be patient, there is a lot for everyone to see and enjoy.