Park Policies

Wild animals do not make good pets! Although young birds and mammals are cute and adorable when babies, they soon grow into mature adults with wild instincts, making them unmanageable and undesirable as household pets. It is also illegal to possess any wild animal in Maine without special permits. These laws are designed to protect animals from being kidnapped from the wild, and to protect people from receiving a serious bite, or even a contagious disease. So please, follow one simple rule when coming upon young wildlife -- if you care, leave them there!

Please follow Wildlife Park rules!

  1. Enjoy your visit! Have fun, make memories, and learn something new about Maine wildlife
  2. Respect and Protect the wildlife who live here
    Pets must be left at home for their safety, and the safety of the wildlife.  Only working service dogs (not including emotional support animals) are permitted in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
    Keep the wildlife healthy by not feeding them
    Remote-controlled devices, including drones, are not allowed in the Park
  3. Stay safe
    Barriers are in place to allow you to view wildlife from a safe distance. Please do not climb, cross, or reach through them
    Appropriate attire at the park includes shirts and shoes
    Weapons and fireworks are not permitted
  4. Respect other visitors
    Smoking of any kind, including electronic cigarettes is not permitted anywhere in the park
    Alcohol and illicit drugs are not allowed on park property for any reason
    Share the paths with other visitors by leaving bicycles, skateboards, and other wheeled or motorized transportation at home. Stroller, wagons, and wheelchairs, and other mobility devices are allowed.
  5. Protect the Park
    Fires are allowed only in designated grills and must be attended at all times
    Celebrate without balloons and confetti
    Support the Park by choosing a different place for solicitation or distribution of your products or materials, this is not permitted at the park
    Commercial Photography or filming requires prior approval by authorized personnel.