Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) exotic pests

The Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) is a national pest detection program funded through a cooperative agreement between the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Division of Animal and Plant Health and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS).

The goal of the program is to provide an early warning system for pest detection and response that is critical for protecting our nation's agricultural and natural resources. Typical surveys target exotic and invasive pests and pests of export significance.

Survey activities in Maine for 2022 will focus on the following plant pests:

Survey Common Name Scientific Name
Exotic Cyst Nematode SurveyPale cyst nematodeGlobodera pallida
Exotic Cyst Nematode SurveyGolden nematodeGlobodera rostochiensis
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyAsian longhorned beetleAnoplophora glabripennis
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyNun mothLymantria monacha
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyPine tree lappetDendrolimus pini
Exotic Forest Pest SurveySiberian silk mothDendrolimus sibiricus
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyAsian gypsy mothLymantria dispar asiatica
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyRosy mothLymantria mathura
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyHemlock woolly adelgidAdelges tsugae
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyElm zigzag sawflyAproceros leucopoda
Exotic Forest Pest SurveySpotted lanternflyLycorma delicatula
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyOak wiltBretziella fagacearum
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyScots pine blister rustCronartium flaccidum
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyBeech leaf diseaseLitylenchus crenatae
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyBeech bleeding cankerPhytophthora kernoviae
Exotic Forest Pest SurveyCitrus longhorned beetleAnoplophora chinensis
Exotic Vegetable Pest SurveySilver Y mothAutographa gamma
Exotic Vegetable Pest SurveyGolden twin spot mothChrysodeixis chalcites
Exotic Vegetable Pest SurveyTomato fruit borerNeoleucinodes elegantalis
Exotic Vegetable Pest SurveyBacterial wiltRalstonia solanacearum race 3 biovar 2
Exotic Vegetable Pest SurveyTobamovirus Tomato brown rugose fruit virusTobamovirus Tomato brown rugose fruit virus
Exotic Vegetable Pest SurveyTomato leafminerTuta absoluta
Exotic Vegetable Pest SurveyLeek mothAcrolepiopsis assectella
Exotic Vegetable Pest SurveySwede midgeContarinia nasturtii
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveySummer fruit tortrix mothAdoxophyes orana
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveyLight brown apple mothEpiphyas postvittana
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveyBrown marmorated stink bugHalyomorpha halys
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveyAfrican fig flyZiprionus indianus
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveyAustralian grapevine yellowsCandidatus Phytoplasma australiense 16SrXII-B
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveyBois noir; StolburCandidatus Phytoplasma solani 16SrXII-A
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveyFlavescence doréeCandidatus Phytoplasma vitis 16SrV-C
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveySpotted lanternflyLycorma delicatula
Exotic Fruit Pest SurveyRotbrennerPseudopezicula tracheiphila

State CAPS Committee Meeting - June 29, 2022
Updated: December 29, 2022