Apiary (Honey Bee) Program

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Maine Beekeeper Survey 2020/2021

Data collected will be used to summarize beekeeping practices and losses in the State of Maine for the 2020/2021 beekeeping season. All responses are confidential. This survey should take about 15 minutes and we ask that you please provide information about honey bee colonies that you owned from April 2020 - April 2021.

A summary of the survey can be found on the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Apiary website mid-July 2021 and will be presented at the 2021 Maine State Beekeepers Annual Meeting.

The purpose of the Apiary Program is to prevent the introduction and/or spread of regulated honey bee diseases, parasites, and undesirable genetic material in resident and migratory honey bee colonies, as well as encourage and maintain interstate movement of honey bees for crop pollination and honey production.

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Licensing, Importing and Inspection of Honey Bees

Anyone who keeps honeybees in Maine MUST obtain an apiary license.

Anyone who imports bees into Maine MUST submit an Import Notification of Bees form, a health certificate from the State of origin and pay the appropriate fee.

Honey bee colonies in Maine may be inspected for regulated diseases and parasites. Inspections of colonies may also be performed upon request.

Education, Training and Events

The Apiary program educates beekeepers, growers and the general public about bee keeping techniques and the value of honeybees to Maine agriculture.

Fact Sheets

Honey Bee Seasonal Management +

Honey Bee Pests and Diseases +

Native Bees +


  • Varroa Mite IPM: Four-Part Series for a Healthy Hive Webinar - Jen Lund (Maine State Apiarist) and Kim Skyrm (Massachusetts Chief Apiary Inspector) take a deep dive into managing Varroa mites (Varroa destructor). Join them in this multiple part webinar series where they discuss Varroa mite biology and life history, available and effective mite management tools, how to create a dynamic Varroa mite IPM plan, and a demonstration on the steps involved in performing an alcohol wash to make sure you get an accurate count.

Pollinator Resources

List of Swarm Collectors (as of September 2020)

Town Name Phone
Albion Roy Fuller 437-4432
Albion Kendall Marden 323-1503
Albion Holly Desmarais 508-769-9754
Amherst Deborah Palman 944-1131
Andover Christopher Bailey 392-1538
Andover David and Carol Holtzman 391-1149
Appleton Jocelyn and Phil Crystal 978-821-5180
Augusta Kristin Soiett 242-3222
Augusta Mark and Meg Patterson 458-1972
Bangor Thomas Bartlett 947-1500
Bangor Amy Nickerson 735-6977
Bar Harbor Sarah Hinckley 802-683-0390
Bar Harbor Alice Wise 251-243-1108
Bar Harbor David Mullens 415-606-6854
Bass Harbor Norman Closson 244-9915
Bath Mike & Alicia Romac 389-4432
Bath Michael Eastman 751-9531
Belfast David Wharfe 218-1278
Belfast Hanna Zetterstrand 845-594-4523
Belfast Steve Bowler 338-2332
Belgrade Brian Wedge 313-3589
Benton Lewis Schoenig 680-8848
Berwick Liz McGranahan 415-756-6682
Bethel Wade Seebeck 603-662-3726
Biddeford Donald and Elaine Lariviere 499-7938
Biddeford Matthew Haas 283-8518
Biddeford Todd and Jen Maloney 284-4693
Big Lake Twp Michael Marshall 796-2122
Blue Hill Randal Hastings 266-5419
Bremen Steve Page 322-4322
Brewer William McDougall III 659-2860
Brewer Storer DeMerchant 989-3435
Brewer David Torrey 478-6008
Brewer David Grant 561-0812
Bridgewater John Barker 227-1656
Bridgton Crystal & William Peters 310-0536
Brooksville Kelly Saunders 632-5560
Brooksville John Cousins Jr 460-3972
Brunswick Jennifer Thompson 837-9172
Brunswick Peter Selmayr 914-671-1588
Brunswick Jim Badger 607-9855
Brunswick Carl Bernard 449-2472
Brunswick Doug Calhoun 233-8257
Brunswick Ken Faulkner 319-6714
Brunswick Cindy Jester 319-7460
Bryant Pond Joseph Radcliff 381-0485
Bryant Pond Kaylee Radcliff 595-8130
Buckfield Roger & Debra Shannon 838-8851 or 330-8077
Bucksport Jason Peters 735-5780
Buxton Norman Hirst 727-4787
Buxton Chris Baldinelli 632-6344
Buxton Dorothy Bell 571-224-5983
Buxton Matt Roy 229-9125
Buxton Michael Robinson 929-6960
Calais Donald Brewster 214-5869
Cambridge Roger Lewis 277-3428
Camden David Bradbury 206-619-9156
Canaan Mark Reifschneider 474-3854
Canaan Gordon Austin 431-5603
Cape Elizabeth Muzzy Barton 232-8608
Cape Elizabeth Jennifer Gray 747-5086
Cape Elizabeth Richard Gilbane 799-2138
Cape Neddick Stewart Turner 337-0449
Carmel Elyse Cort 461-1681
Casco Erik Olander 632-3031
Castine Sandra Beske 326-8258
Castine Kelly Ann Qualtieri 347-578-0687
Chebeague Island Claire Ross 846-1254
Chelsea Travis McGuire 841-4977
Chester Andrew Edwards 290-1047
Cooper Laurie Pike 214-7335
Cooper Kenneth and Karen Holmes 454-2583
Coplin Plt Gail Mann 246-5604
Corinth Matthew Chalkley 285-2000
Cornish Steven Tripp 625-9113
Cornish Robert Tims 939-309
Cornville November and Curi Poulin 603-236-6668
Cranberry Isles Bob Hudson 207-610-2310
Cumberland Melissa Dupuis 215-279-0393
Cumberland Angela Morse 776-0391
Deer Isle Josh Guyot 650-906-4957
Dennysville Brad Warner 538-8966
Dexter Stephen Heneise 924-4184
Dover-Foxcroft Derek Parlee 735-8155
Dresden Julia Simpson 837-9771
Dresden Kevin Polk 798-9765
Dresden Dan Rodrigue 737-8636
East Dixfield Kerrieann Harrison 778-1313
East Dixfield James Harvell 645-4481
East Machias Neil Albee 461-6546
East Millinocket John Michaud 447-8631
Eddington Peter Lyford 843-7759
Eddington John Bagley 356-2290
Eddington Elizabeth Downs 249-5190
Edgecomb Andrew Abello 882-6634
Eliot Tom Hausmann 439-9679
Ellsworth Christa and Pablo Little-Siebold 664-0168
Falmouth Erin and Joe Santos 917-691-6091 and 773-301-1707
Falmouth Nathan Edwards 615-5314
Falmouth Paul Mullen 615-5567
Falmouth Tom Bannen 878-3962
Falmouth Nicole Bezanson 221-2828
Falmouth Joseph Bates 317-3323
Farmington Scott Landry 491-9041
Franklin Gary "Bud" Clark 565-0965
Freedom Hilary Porter 382-3033
Freeport Michael Doten 844-1633
Freeport Raymond Kusche 869-5061
Freeport Michael Thompson 233-5792
Freeport Shawne McCord 522-4715
Freeport Jane Baxter 865-7076
Freeport Scott Bradley 865-4558
Freeport Kelly Sink 404-520-5579
Freeport Lindy Allen 653-1417
Freeport Brian Berkemeyer 232-8394
Gardiner Kerstin & Ilana Gilg 332-4775
Gardiner Cody Wyman 530-0924
Garland Terry Mitchell 745-1413
Georgetown Philip Shelton 371-2733
Glenburn Marc Cryer 205-529-5086
Gorham Lisa Kelsen 893-0832
Gorham Jason Steward 712-9891
Gorham Dave and Nancy Craig 839-6939
Gorham Joanne Romano 839-4476
Gorham Andrew Bolland 838-3168
Gouldsboro Christina Clarke 423-202-8192
Gray Kerry LePage 576-6259
Greene Ray Gagne 946-2226
Hallowell Rosmund Davis 934-8784
Hallowell Larry Davis 557-0702
Hampden Michael Hartt 234-7256
Hampden Paula Spacco 862-3383
Hampden William Hall 862-2062
Harpswell Judith Stanton 376-7888
Harpswell Douglas Richmond 883-5869
Harpswell Jennifer Schmidtmann 653-8844
Harpswell Georgiana Rock 837-3833
Harpswell Holly Spicer 751-0161
Hartford Albert Borzelli 388-2120
Hinckley DJ Beckwith 465-6137
Hiram Andrew MacDonald 653-2826
Holden Claude Junkins 989-4321
Holden Jeffrey Waring 299-4402
Holden James Doyle 735-3713
Holden Joanna & Nate Dublin 598-6308
Hollis Patricia Hawley 727-5186
Hollis Louie Provost 538-6891
Hope Frank Merrill 236-9500
Hope Jasoon Gindel 236-9097
Hope James Ecklund 609-865-4663
Hudson David Weeks 768-8490
Island Falls Bill and Anita Lane 463-2183
Islesboro William Merryman 754-5743
Islesboro Jon Kerr 322-6273
Jefferson Raymond Hayes 624-2988
Jonesboro Andrew Dewey 266-7294
Jonesport Rande McKechnie 598-5069
Kennebunk Edward (Ted) Nichols 467-5152
Kennebunk Kevin Slattery 467-3719
Kennebunkport Kevin McDonnell 641-3072
Kennebunkport James Vesenka 749-7913
Kennebunkport Alison and Seth Kenneway 712-5755
Kingfield Tom Wiencek 265-8006
Kingfield Wade Browne 265-4010
Kittery Tom Sorrentino 439-6938
Lagrange Joe Comeau 943-8856
Lebanon Dale McKibben 432-8866
Leeds Harrison Wiegman 576-0283
Levant Daniel Baumert 884-8052
Lewiston Peter and Paula Schlax 312-4986
Lexington Twp James Taylor 628-2762
Limestone John Lyons 496-7954
Limington Steve Humiston 415-6432
Limington Jeddy Nevells 590-9983
Limington Theresa Knight 408-7683
Lincolnville Ray DeGrass 763-4038
Lincolnville Glenn Sampson 323-0384
Lincolnville Vanessa O'Donnell 706-9369
Livermore Ronald Couture 897-5314
Livermore Clearview Farm  897-5945
Livermore Falls Tina Pelletier 576-1465
Long Island Christian & Lynn LaMontagne 766-0995
Lovell George Sawyer 647-8190
Lubec Daniel Shults 263-8182
Lyman Linda Treadway 590-4427
Lyman Joseph Plase 281-2435
Madison Dana Berry 431-2800
Mapleton Gary Doody 764-7153
Mechanic Falls Orin Hayes 381-7984
Mechanic Falls Russell Toussaint 576-7977
Medford Sam Bradeen 943-2615
Mexico Melanie Allen 210-5766
Monmouth Julie Foyt 557-4245
Monmouth Julie Sawtelle 756-4297
Montville John Chapin 322-7424
Montville Edward Bower 512-0149
Morrill Bruce Farrell 323-9118
Mount Desert Kristin Proppe 440-539-8601
Mount Vernon Ron Larue 293-2831
Mount Vernon David Weeks 293-3407
Naples Calla Cobb 603-960-1287
New Gloucester Jonathan Mitschele 926-3217
New Gloucester Thomas Delaney 329-4275
New Portland David Kendall 628-2040
New Sharon Tor Goettsche Spurling 931-8070
New Vineyard Melissa Shea 319-9583
Newburgh James Kanzler 404-0090
Newburgh Greg Thibodeau 944-2681
Nobleboro Matt and Maisie Sturtevant 563-8636
Nobleboro Ted Sprague 563-2262
North Berwick Matthew Littlefield 216-2364
North Yarmouth Timothy Rafford 749-3383
North Yarmouth Thomas Beretich 807-2104
North Yarmouth John (Jacky) Hildreth 829-4124
North Yarmouth Laura Robinson 781-608-7121
Norway Martha McLean 890-4987
Ogunquit Phillip Perry 646-4039
Old Orchard Beach Jason Blanchette 603-682-8919
Old Orchard Beach Arnold Knight 205-4227
Old Town Karen Pelletreau 302-228-7280
Orland Mary Jo Norris 469-0813
Orland James Parsons 479-1482
Orono Donald Tilbury 262-457-1003
Orono Gregory Milliken 617-538-0729
Orrington Randal Ruhlin 825-4170
Otis Thomas Miceli 537-3735
Owls Head Ronnie Dennison 975-4014
Oxford Kevin Farr 539-4232
Oxford David Bradbury 542-3958
Oxford Nanette Bilodeau 577-1419
Palermo Alex and Amy Bradstreet 993-3276
Palmyra Reimond Grignon 487-2414
Parsonsfield Richard Sanborn 651-8691
Pembroke Stephen Taylor 726-4525
Penobscot Kenneth Hillas, Jr. 571-289-5775
Perry Alex Claverie 853-9699
Phillips Maggie Wey 860-0364
Pittsfield Gary Stevens 877-5136
Poland Mike Beaulieu 207-330-6301
Poland Larry Hancock 577-3014
Portland Bruce Fowler 773-6679
Portland Ben Roberts 210-8691
Portland Brent Adler 518-7038
Portland Courtney Norod 610-462-3701
Pownal Dick Hogue 688-4153
Pownal Amanda June Chaves 890-4499
Pownal George Anderson Sr. 688-4968
Presque Isle Dana & Patti Drake 540-5520
Prospect Raymond Webster Jr. 322-4416
Prospect Merl Annis, III 567-3645
Prospect Harbor Alexis Souders 664-4801
Rangeley Jill Abrahamsen 617-957-4201
Raymond Steven Monahan 655-3154
Raymond Doug Kerr 653-8288
Readfield Brandi VanWinkle 210-317-5906
Richmond Kimarie Soule 203-1104
Rockland Mary Carpenter 593-9307
Rockland Marjorie McKeon 691-8168
Rockwood Dave Hartmann 203-887-6293
Rome Brittney Fairfield 314-3750
Rumford Nicholas Kelley 364-4121
Rumford George and Nancy Barker 364-7068
Saco Marc Cardullo 590-5760
Saint Albans Elizabeth Harding 341-6066
Sanford Ronald Paquin 206-0753
Scarborough Jordan Lailer 712-9658
Scarborough Dana Fortier 396-4243
Scarborough Michael Levi 917-531-8971
Scarborough Geoff MacLean 415-9044
Scarborough John Stoltenborg 415-8175
Seal Harbor Beth & Nancy Russell 276-5192
Sebec Isaiah Hill 564-7542
Shapleigh James Warner 352-445-2654
Shapleigh Gary Creisher 636-9851
Sidney Curt Beveridge 547-3940
Sidney Michael Philbrick, Sr. 242-0127
Skowhegan Harold (Jay) Johnson 207-313-1914
Skowhegan Kevin McFadden 203-928-0865
South Berwick Jason Goldstein 603-892-7135
South Berwick Maya Travaglia 752-2833
South Berwick Brian Liberty 603-498-0654
South Portland Eric Walczak 206-595-5072
South Portland Jessica and Attila DeLisle 899-0052
Springvale Margaret McLaughlin 370-2215
Springvale Robert Hull 608-2491
St Albans Tim and Linda Holt 277-3143
Stockton Springs Scott Moore 567-3680
Stockton Springs Misti Guerin 570-6810
Stow John, Sue and Jeff Mezzanotte 697-3398
Strong Dana Toothaker 860-6155
Surry Warwick Zeamer 479-5430
Tenants Harbor Richard Bates 372-6904
Tenants Harbor Stuart Rich 691-1546
Thomaston Dan Keltonic 210-4938
Thorndike David Wren 487-1897
Topsham Julie Knapp 841-0040
Topsham Carroll Smith 729-0882
Topsham Chris Gray 626-260-0581
Topsham Barry Craig 319-9845
Trevett Garrett Denniston 350-1005
Troy Holly Castle 689-1247
Turner Michael Chavez 576-2456
Turner Dennis Jones 890-7283
Turner Roland Lajoie 224-7472
Turner Gloria Varney 225-3231
Unity Nathan Pelkey 446-4694
Vassalboro Allen Rowe 923-3882
Vienna Stephen Linder 293-2491
Vienna Kirsten Heck 293-2034
Waldo Edward Beckett Jr. 322-5952
Waldoboro William Saucier 890-8418
Waldoboro Dozier Bell 832-2062
Wales Melissa Smith 212-0941
Walpole Carolyn Carrothers 315-0425
Waltham Diann Jordan 584-5000
Warren Gregory Overlock 542-7506
Washburn Lee Rossignol 455-4059
Waterville Michael Donihue 872-9994
Wells Nicholas Levesque 337-3160
Wells Paul & Avery Hubbard 646-9692
West Bath Michael Hennessey 443-4688
West Farmington Willis & Lynn Lamb 578-1705
Westbrook Caroline Koelker 356-1060
Westbrook Jill Smith 266-5374
Westbrook Daniel Gray 939-0866
Whitefield Lana Paetow 380-3678
Whitefield David Spicer 458-3088
Whiting Bill and Nicole Case 259-3614
Wilton Kyle Ellis 578-0828
Windham Jim Brown 892-1057
Windham Leon Cooper, Jr. 892-9223
Windham William Andrew 553-0019
Winn Erik Frodahl 290-7479
Winslow Randy Cunningham 877-8347
Winslow Walter Kiesow 680-6265
Winterport Kristin Peet 991-1470
Winterport Ted and Joni Pearson 223-5013
Winthrop Randall Hooper 530-1736
Winthrop Dale Freise 395-2637
Wiscasset Ann Light 757-621-7940
Woodland Peter McCorison 227-1432
Woolwich Rainier Eich 208-0373
Woolwich David Ingmundson 442-7214
Wytopitlock Susan Szwed 456-7018
Yarmouth David Chalmers 336-416-8453
York Katie Spaulding 475-7055