Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn.

Prairie wedge-grass

Habitat: Moist meadows, stream banks, and shores of ponds or lakes.

Range: Maine, south to Florida, west to California, north to British Columbia.

Aids to Identification: Prairie wedgegrass, or prairie wedgescale, is a solitary annual or short-lived perennial grass. Like other Sphenopholis species, S. obtusata has 2-flowered spikelets bearing a prolonged rachilla behind the upper palea. In S. obtusata, the spikelets are 3-4.2 mm long and the lowest rachilla segment is 0.5-0.7 mm long. The anthers are 0.5-0.8 mm long. The leaves are mostly 2-8 mm wide and under 10 cm long.

Ecological characteristics: None noted.

Phenology: Flowers May - July.

Family: Poaceae

Synonyms: Eatonia obtusata Gray; Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. var. lobata (Trin.) Scribn.

Known Distribution in Maine: This rare plant has been documented from a total of 4 town(s) in the following county(ies): York.

Reason(s) for rarity: At northern limit of range.