Rosa acicularis spp. sayi (Schwein.) W.H. Lewis

Prickly Rose

Habitat: Upland woods, hills, and rocky banks.

Range: New Brunswick to Alaska and Eurasia, south to West Virginia, Iowa, and New Mexico.

Aids to Identification: This rose can reach a height of 1-2 meters. The flowers of this rose are pink or deep red (1.5-3 cm.). The stems are densely covered with straight, slender, unequal prickles, even on the flowering lateral brances. The stipules are pubescent and glandular on the margin. The rachis (central axis) is usually pubescent and glandular. The plant has doubly serrate leaves which are often glandular, elliptic to ovate or obovate, 1.5-4.5 cm. with 5-7 leaflets. The fruit is dark blue or purplish in color and 1-2 cm thick.

Ecological characteristics: Hybridization may occur with Rosa carolina.

Phenology: Flowering mid-June and July.

Family: Rosaceae

Synonyms: Rosa acicularis Lindl. var. bourgeauiana (Crépin) Crépin; R. bourgeauiana Crépin; R. sayi Schwein.

Known Distribution in Maine: No documented occurences in Maine.