Epilobium lactiflorum Hausskn.

White-flower Willow-herb

Habitat: Margins of rills and alpine areas.

Range: Circumboreal, south to Maine, northern New Hampshire, northern New York, and the Rocky Mountains.

Aids to Identification: Epilobium lactiflorum is similar to E. hornemanni, but has shorter flower petals that are white versus pale purple.

Phenology: Flowers July to August.

Family: Onagraceae

Synonyms: Epilobium alpinum var. lactiflorum (Hausskn.) C.L. Hitchc.; Epilobium hornemanii Reichenb. var. lactiflorum D. Löve

Known Distribution in Maine: There are no documented occurrences of Epilobium lactiflorum in Maine, though M.L. Fernald notes it from Mt. Katahdin (as Epilobium alpinum L.).