Carex praticola Rydb.

Northern Meadow Sedge

Habitat: Open woods, clearings, and meadows

Range: Greenland to Alaska, south to Maine, Michigan, North Dakota and California.

Aids to Identification: Identification of species of the genus Carex is usually difficult and dependent upon rather technical features. Carex praticola is a member of section Ovales.

Ecological characteristics: Very little is known about the ecology of this sedge in Maine.

Phenology: Fruits June - August.

Family: Cyperaceae

Synonyms: Carex platylepis Mackenzie; Carex pratensis Drej.

Known Distribution in Maine: There are two documented occurrences of Carex praticola in Maine, both from 1898 specimens from Aroostook County. The New England Botanical Club collected a specimen from a dry clearing in Island Falls, and M. L. Fernald collected a specimen from open woods in Masardis.