Resource Guide: TTY DO'S & DON'TS

Last Updated; June 6, 2008


  • Make sure your TTY is charged or plugged in before making a call
  • Make sure the phone is placed properly in the cradle
  • Identify yourself at the earliest opportunity
  • Use “GA” to end your turn
  • Use “SK” to end conversation
  • Ask the other person to repeat if the message is garbled or you can’t read it
  • Use abbreviations if they are clear in context
  • Spell out numbers if necessary to avoid any confusion
  • Indicate if there are other people watching the conversation
  • Keep your sentences and responses short


  • Worry about misspellings if the meaning is clear in context
  • Save a hard copy of the conversation without permission
  • Eavesdrop or allow eavesdropping