Last Updated; September 19, 2014

Cued Speech Association of Maine

Wells, ME 04090
Nicole Dobson, President
752-0417 (V)
Email: Website: Cued Speech Association of Maine

Anne Banger, Treasurer
Woolwich, ME 04579
Tel: 443-9404 (V/TTY)

Cued Speech is a mode of communication that uses the mouth and hand that makes a spoken language visually accessible. Handshapes, hand placements and hand movements combine with the mouth movements to clearly show the stream of consonants and vowels that represent the words and thoughts of a cuer.

This highly effective, speech-reading system can be used with children from birth, allowing parents to provide their child with access to the home language. Cueing skills improve with consistent and accurate usage in natural communication settings. Research results have confirmed that children and adults of all ages benefit from the use of Cued Speech as it eliminates the confusion associated with lip-reading and allows a person with a hearing loss to know exactly what someone is saying to them when they are cueing. Strong speech-reading skills allow people to lip-read better than speaking to others who do not use cues, thereby facilitating smooth and effective conversations. Reading and language levels are statistically on par with hearing children when cueing is provided by excellent role models in the home and in educational settings.

The Cued Speech Association of Maine is a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Cued Speech Association. They provide information, support, and cue classes for families, professionals and individuals with and without hearing loss. Contact us to find out more about Cued Speech and its benefits for language and literacy development with children of all ages.

Cue Camp New England

Held in Maine every summer!
Contact: Nicole Dobson
752-0417 (V)
Email: or

Cue Camp New England(CCNE) provides a fun and supportive learning environment for new cuers and those wishing to improve their cueing skills. Families, friends, professionals, children and adults enjoy recreation, relaxation, learning and lots of laughs! Deaf and hard-of-hearing teens/young adults are counselors. Speech language therapy is provided for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Beginner and advanced instruction in Cued Speech, teen and adult panels, a variety of speakers and campfire chats are also an important part of the experience. For the children, there are cue classes, arts and crafts, swimming, games and much more.

National Cued Speech Association (NCSA)

Deaf Children’s Literacy Project
Cathy Quenin, Interim Director
4245 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 389-2776 (V)
Website: National Cued Speech Association (NCSA)

Cued Speech Discovery NCSA Bookstore

23970 Hermitage Road
Cleveland, OH 44122-4008
Toll-Free: (877) CUE-2030 (877-283-2030) (V/TTY)
(216) 292-6213 (V)
Website: Cued Speech Discovery NCSA Bookstore

Nicole Dobson, SLP, New England Regional Representative, NCSA

Wells, ME 04090
752-0417 (V)