Cumberland - District 2


  • Covers Cumberland County
  • District Characteristics
    • 281,674 people (Census 2010) 337.2 persons per square mile (Census 2010 )
    • 1 county government: Cumberland County
    • 28 municipalities (incorporated local governments) including cities and towns. Several towns or villages are ocean island communities.
  • Healthy Maine Partnerships (HMPs)
    • The four District HMPs collaborate to assure HMP-funded staff provide a community-based health promotion presence.
    • Healthy Portland and Healthy Casco Bay, (Lead agency/fiscal agent: City of Portland Division of Public Health) Healthy Casco Bay has a MOU with the Access Health HMP (Midcoast District) to deliver designated services to Brunswick in the Cumberland District.
    • Healthy Rivers and Healthy Lakes Communities Promoting Health, (Lead/fiscal: People’s Regional Opportunity Program [PROP], Inc.)
  • Maine CDC District Contact
  • Health Data and Information