Maine Asthma Prevention and Control Program - Maine Asthma Council

About the Council

The Maine Asthma Council was established in 1997 as a result of a statewide summit conducted by the American Lung Association of Maine. The purpose of this summit was to bring together stakeholders, interested parties and decision-makers to address the problem of asthma in the state. Members from both public and private institutions participated in the daylong summit. The attendees ranged in fields from healthcare to business and media.

The Council chose to focus their efforts in four areas: education, data, sustainability and finance.

With support from partners and members, the Council was successful at securing funding from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the establishment of a Maine Asthma Prevention and Control Program (commonly called the Asthma Program). The Program was mandated into legislation in 2001 and was housed in the Bureau of Health. The Bureau of Health underwent a name change in 2004 and is now called the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The Asthma Program resides in the Division of Chronic Disease.

The Council plays a major role in providing oversight and guidance to the activities conducted by the Asthma Program.

Some of the Councils achievements include:

  • Securing funding for the establishment of the Asthma Program
  • Publication of the first Public Health Action Plan for Asthma In Maine
  • Bringing public and private partners from all across the State together
  • Working to pass legislation allowing students to carry inhalers and rescue medication in school