Maine Asthma Prevention and Control Program - Maine Asthma Council - Workplaces Workgroup

The Workplaces Workgroup was formed by interested members of the Maine Asthma Coalition to address asthma in the work setting. The workgroup strives to educate employees and employers about the financial impact asthma can have on a business, as well as to raise awareness of workplace allergens and irritants that can cause or worsen Occupational Asthma.

The Workplaces Workgroup meets regularly on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month (with a summer hiatus during June, July, and August) at the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards - Francis Perkins Room, Civic Center Dr.

Some of the groups initiatives include:

Developing an educational brochure for employees on asthma triggers in the work environment.

Developing an educational brochure for employers on the costs associated with asthma. As well as the impact asthma has on productivity - absenteeism and presenteeism.

Meeting Minutes

Workplaces Workgroup Meeting Minutes 5-12-2010 .doc*| .pdf*

Workplaces Workgroup Meeting Minutes 3-11-2009 .doc* | .pdf*

Workplaces Workgroup Meeting Minutes 1-14-2009 .doc* | .pdf*

If you would like more information or to become a member of the Workplaces group please send an email