Maine Asthma Prevention and Control Program - Maine Asthma Council - Healthy Homes Workgroup

The Healthy Homes Workgroup was formed by interested members of the Maine Asthma Coalition to address the home environment and the group works to ensure all Maine families have a safe and healthy home, with a particular focus on reducing asthma triggers and making homes "asthma friendly."

The Healthy Homes group meets regularly on the 4th Monday of each month (with a summer hiatus during June, July, and August) at the Key Bank building at 286 Water Street in Augusta.

Some of groups initiatives include:

Development of the Healthy Homes Quiz (pdf*)

Presenting Healthy Homes information at Home Shows

Currently the group is in the process of developing training for officials who regularly enter homes (as part of their day-to-day job) to help them identify, remove, and manage asthma triggers.

Healthy Homes Model Message (pdf*)

Meeting Minutes

Homes Workgroup Meeting Minutes 3-29-2010 .doc* | .pdf*

Homes Workgroup Meeting Minutes 2-22-2010 .pdf*

Homes Workgroup Meeting Minutes 1-25-2010 .pdf*

Homes Workgroup Meeting Minutes 11-16-2009 .pdf*

Homes Workgroup Meeting Minutes 3-23-2009 .doc* | .pdf*

Homes Workgroup Meeting Minutes 1-26-2009 .doc* | .pdf*

If you would like more information or to become a member of the Healthy Homes group please send an email