Maine Asthma Prevention and Control Program - Maine Asthma Council - Schools Workgroup

The Schools Workgroup was formed by interested members of the Maine Asthma Coalition to address asthma in the school setting. The workgroup strives to ensure students have current asthma action plans on file, school staff are trained in the signs and symptoms of asthma, and the school indoor environment is "Asthma friendly."

Some of the groups initiatives include:

Development of Asthma in Schools Talking Points (pdf*)

Currently the group is creating an "Schools Asthma Toolbox." Which will serve as a resource for school nurses, parents of students with asthma, and students with asthma.

School Health Survey Summary .doc* |.pdf*

School Nurse IPM Checklist .pdf*

Asthma in Schools Talking Points .pdf*

Meeting Minutes

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 8-19-2010 .doc* | .pdf*

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 12-7-2009 .doc* | .pdf*

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 11-20-2008 .doc* | .pdf*