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Bureau of Employment Services Rapid Response Video

The Bureau of Employment Services has created a video with information for people who have been laid off. Please click on the following link to view the video:


Unemployment claims held for fraud review; click here for new process for confirming identity

With identity theft and unemployment fraud investigated nationwide, the Department is holding claims that might potentially be fraudulent and canceling those that have been identified as most likely fraudulent. In order to release the hold, the Department must confirm your identity. Please go to our Fraud webpage for more instructions: https://www.maine.gov/unemployment/fraud/

Work Search Waiver Extension Information

The Department has extended the date when unemployed Mainers who are permanently separated from their employer must start searching for work to: August 9th, 2020. Starting with the weekly certification for the week of August 9th, all claimants must provide either information on their work search activity or attest that they are self-employed or still connected to their employer. Those who are still connected to an employer are not required to actively search for other work until after September 5th. They must, however, be able and available to work if that employer recalls them.

If your claim has been cancelled or is in review for possible fraud

Maine Laws and Rules associated with Unemployment Compensation.