Advice on Viewing Maine Rule Chapters

Most recent advice:

Some versions of MS Word cannot read the files created by older versions. This problem began here when an agency converted to Office 2007. It seems that the new version would not read MS Word files created prior to Word 2000. Then Microsoft installed a "fix" on its 2003 version, and those users were similarly shut out.

All of our rule chapters are in MS Word 2002 or later, so the problem should not exist anymore. But there could be strays. Please e-mail us if you find any and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Microsoft offers a downloadable Word Viewer, the latest one enabling you to read previous versions of Word as well as a variety of other formats such as Rich Text Format (.rtf) and WordPerfect.

Further Assistance

If you are still unable to view a rule chapter after trying the Word Viewer, please e-mail this office for further assistance, or with any questions you have about Maine's online rules.