Non-Bank ATM Registration

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Statute: 32 M.R.S. § 6151

Under Maine law, the owners or operators of all automatic teller machine (ATM) terminals, other than those established by banks or credit unions, must register with the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protectionon or before January 31st of each year, or, for new machines, before starting operation.

The "operator" is defined in the law as the company which "owns, leases or otherwise controls" the terminal. If you are a storeowner who makes space available for an ATM which is owned or operated by another company, please forward this registration package to that company for completion.

Please return all registration forms to our office on or before January 31st, or before starting operation. In most cases, a separate registration form should be completed for each location. However, if a single operator owns multiple machines, registration can also be accomplished using a single form, with an attachment listing the various terminal locations.

When the registration and fees are received in this office, you will be sent two (2) items to assist you in complying with the law. The first is a registration number sticker, valid through January 31 of next year, which should be affixed to the ATM terminal. The second is, a paper certificate of registration, which need not be displayed, but which you should retain in your files.

Please contact our office with any questions, at the address and telephone number listed above, or e-mail Rhonda Albert.

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