Prohibited Practice Complaint

The Maine Labor Relations Board adjudicates alleged violations of Maine's collective bargaining laws. In order to initiate the process, a complaining party must follow the steps below. A prohibited practice complaint may be filed by a union against an employer, an employer against a union, and a bargaining unit employee against a union.

To file a prohibited practice complaint with the Maine Labor Relations Board, please follow these steps:

  • Review the MLRB Rules which govern the filing of complaints – see Chapter 12, Sections 1 through 6 of the MLRB Rules (PDF)
  • Complete and sign MLRB Form 7 (PDF), and draft a Concise Statement of Facts, in accordance with the rules.
  • E-file the complaint (MLRB Form 7, Concise Statement of Facts and relevant Collective Bargaining Agreement) by emailing a copy of the complaint to and to the respondent.
  • Mail or deliver a hard copy of the complaint to the respondent.

Note:  The complaint will not be considered officially filed until it is e-filed and a hard copy has been placed in the mail or actually delivered to the respondent.

Once the complaint is filed, you will receive the MLRB’s confirmation of receipt along with an opening letter that includes the case number.  Please see Chapter 12, Sections 7 through 26 of the MLRB Rules (PDF) for the rules that govern the processing of a complaint after it is filed.