Mediation is the first step in the collective bargaining impasse resolution process under Maine's collective bargaining laws.  To request mediation services from the Panel of Mediators, please follow these steps:

  • Review the MLRB Rules that govern mediation – see Chapter 13, Sections 1 through 6 of the MLRB Rules.
  • Complete and sign MLRB Form 5 (PDF), in accordance with the rules.
  • E-file the request by emailing a copy to
  • Provide by mail, hand delivery or delivery service to the Board’s office a payment of $750, the party’s share of the estimated costs of mediation services. Upon receiving a request for mediation and the accompanying payment, the Board will appoint a mediator from the Panel of Mediators and will bill the other party $750 for its share of the estimated costs of mediation services. The Board will bill or reimburse the parties for any difference between the estimated costs that were collected and the actual costs of providing the mediation services.