The Board has created forms to enable individuals, employers or unions to request MLRB services regarding public sector collective bargaining. Further information on these services and the requirements of each form can be found in the relevant chapter of the MLRB Rules.

Although we do not have forms that can be submitted electronically, you can fill these forms out on your computer and then print them out for signatures.

MLRB Form 1 (PDF) Agreement on Appropriate Unit: This form is used when the employer and union have agreed upon the composition of a bargaining unit or have agreed upon a change in the composition of the unit.

MLRB Form 2A (PDF) Petition for Election or Unit Determination: This form is for elections and unit determination issues. It is used to petition for a bargaining agent election or a decertification election as well as to petition for a unit determination when the employer and union have not agreed upon the make up of a new bargaining unit.

MLRB Form 2B (PDF) Petition for Unit Clarification or Unit Merger: This form is for unit clarification and unit merger issues. It can only be filed by the employer or the incumbent bargaining agent.

MLRB Form 2C (PDF) Petition for Bargaining Agent Certification By Majority Sign-up: This form is for bargaining agent certification when there is demonstration of majority support. It can only be filed when no other bargaining agent is currently certified or recognized.

MLRB Form 2D (PDF) Petition for Bargaining Agent Merger Election. This form is used to request an election to merge the bargaining agents for existing bargaining units.

MLRB Form 3 (PDF) Voluntary Recognition: This form is used when the employer voluntarily recognizes a bargaining agent as the representative of employees in a bargaining unit.

MLRB Form 4 (PDF) Request for Fact-Finding Panel: This form is used when one or both parties wish to submit their collective bargaining dispute to a fact-finding panel.

MLRB Form 5 (PDF) Mediation Request: This form is used when a party wishes to request the assistance of a mediator assigned from the Panel of Mediators.

MLRB Form 6 (PDF) Mutual Request to Waive Fact Finding: This form is used when the parties wish to waive fact finding.

MLRB Form 7 (PDF) Prohibited Practice Complaint: This form is used to submit a Prohibited Practice Complaint to the Board.

MLRB Form 8 (PDF) Request For Exception To Electronic Filing Requirement: This form is used when a party is unable to file documents electronically.

Board of Arbitration and Conciliation BAC Form 1 (PDF) Request for Arbitration: This form is used to request arbitration services from the BAC.

Logging Dispute Resolution Board LDRB Form 1 (PDF) Complaint: This form is used to submit a Complaint to the Logging Dispute Resolution Board