Electricity Service in Maine

Industry Structure

Your Electric service is made up of two parts: supply and delivery. The price for the supply portion is set by the forces of competition. For current residential supply prices, visit the Electricity Providers page. Delivery is provided by your transmission and distribution utility and remains fully regulated. The regulated rate for delivery consists of three different elements: transmission, distribution, and stranded costs. Transmission service, involving high voltage bulk power lines, is regulated by the Federal Energy Commission (FERC) in Washington. The Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in Augusta regulates stranded costs and distribution service. The Maine Public Advocate routinely intervenes in rate cases involving all elements of delivery rates. We are also active in trying to influence the structure and regulation of the wholesale supply market. It is this market that influences the supply costs.

For more information on state energy policy visit http://www.maine.gov/energy/ .

Your electric bill: what do you pay for?

Have you ever wondered what makes up your electric bill, including the costs required by various laws or regulations? An in-depth breakdown of the average electric bill for customers of each of Maine's investor-owned electric utilities is available at the Public Utilities Commission's website.