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131st Legislature

2nd Session Testimony

  • L.D. 589 (PDF) - Resolve, Directing the Public Utilities Commission to Ensure That the Maine Electric Grid Provides Additional Benefits to Maine Ratepayer
  • L.D. 1465 (PDF) - An Act to Amend the Calculation of Tariff Rates and Billing Credits Under Net Energy Billing
  • L.D. 1962 (PDF) - An Act to Limit Utility Shut-offs
  • L.D. 1963 (PDF) - An Act Regarding the Future of Renewable Energy Transmission in Northern Maine
  • L.D. 2027 (PDF) - An Act to Clarify the Property Tax Exemption for Air Pollution Control Facilities
  • L.D. 2067 (PDF) - An Act to Make Permanent the Arrearage Management Program for Low-Income Residential Electricity Customers
  • L.D. 2077 (PDF) - An Act Regarding Customer Costs and the Environmental and Health Effects of Natural Gas
  • L.D. 2087 (PDF) - An Act to Protect Property Owners by Preventing the Use of Eminent Domain to Build Transmission Lines Under the Northern Maine Renewable Energy Development Program
  • L.D. 2099 (PDF) - An Act to Make Changes to Certain Laws Governing Renewable Energy Projects
  • L.D. 2132 (PDF) - An Act to Clarify the Right to Appeal Certain Public Utilities Commission Decisions
  • L.D. 2143 (PDF) - An Act to Dedicate the Revenue from the Sales Tax on Electricity to Low-Income Ratepayer Assistance
  • L.D. 2163 (PDF) - An Act to Require Electricity Providers to Inform Customers of Alternative Electric Rates and Gather Consent Prior to Contract Renewal
  • L.D. 2172 (PDF) - An Act to Enhance Electric Utility Performance-based Ratemaking
  • L.D. 2205 (PDF) - Resolve, to Require the Public Utilities Commission to Initiate a Feasibility Study to Evaluate Transmission Technologies and Siting Locations for Any Future Electric Transmission Line Proposed Pursuant to the Northern Maine Renewable Energy Development Program

1st Session Testimony

  • L.D. 3 (PDF) - An Act to Establish the Winter Energy Relief Payment Program to Aid Residents with High Heating Costs and to Finalize the COVID Pandemic Relief Payment Program
  • L.D. 69 (PDF) - An Act to Improve Electrical Supply Cost Transparency
  • L.D. 177 (PDF) - An Act to Amend the Authority of the Public Utilities Commission Regarding Special Rate Contracts
  • L.D. 211 (PDF) - An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Water Supply Protection Funds
  • L.D. 327 (PDF) - An Act to Provide Maine Ratepayers with Equitable Access to Interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources
  • L.D. 376 (PDF) - An Act to Repeal the Law Regarding the Northern Maine Renewable Energy Development Program
  • L.D. 395 (PDF) - An Act to Expand Funding Sources Within the Public Utilities Commission for Intervenor Funding
  • L.D. 399 (PDF) - An Act to Amend the Portfolio Requirements for Class II Resources
  • L.D. 414 (PDF) - An Act to Clarify the Provision of Notice of Proposed Rate Increases to Public Utility Customers
    Attachment (PDF)
  • L.D. 417 (PDF) - An Act to Facilitate Net Energy Billing
  • L.D. 442 (PDF) - An Act Regarding Renewable Energy Projects
  • L.D. 509 (PDF) - An Act to Amend the Net Energy Billing Laws to Require Net Energy Billing Credits to be Nonlapsing
  • L.D. 542 (PDF) - An Act to Comprehensively and Equitably Reform Electricity Rates
  • L.D. 698 (PDF) - An Act Directing the Public Utilities Commission to Study the State Natural Gas Supply Pursuant to the Maine Energy Cost Reduction Act
  • L.D. 923 (PDF) - An Act to Improve Disclosure of Present and Future Costs to Maine Electricity Consumers
  • L.D. 924 (PDF) - Resolve, to Provide Legislative Approval of Northern Maine Transmission Infrastructure
  • L.D. 952 (PDF) - Resolve, To Create a 21st-Century Electric Grid
  • L.D. 987 (PDF) - An Act to Promote Electricity Price Stability for Standard-offer Service
  • L.D. 1065 (PDF) - An Act to Improve the Telecommunications Relay Services Council by Reducing Its Membership and Allowing for the Hiring of an Executive Director
  • L.D.1175 (PDF) - An Act to Provide for the Review and Uniform Application of All Transmission and Distribution Utility Rates
  • L.D. 1223 (PDF) - An Act to Clarify Cost Allocations and Insurance in the Joint Use of Public
    Utility Equipment
  • L.D. 1232 (PDF) - An Act to Increase Adoption of Solar Power in Maine
  • L.D. 1347 (PDF) - An Act to Eliminate the Current Net Energy Billing Policy in Maine
  • L.D. 1427 (PDF) - An Act to Clarify the Public Utilities Commission's Authority to Consider the Impact on Low-income Residential Ratepayers When Setting Rates
  • L.D. 1431 (PDF) - An Act Requiring the Public Utilities Commission to Adopt Rules Promoting Renewable Energy
  • L.D. 1437 (PDF) - An Act to Address Poverty by Increasing Access to Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Programs
  • L.D. 1452 (PDF) - An Act to Require the Commissioners of the Public Utilities Commission to Be Popularly Elected
  • L.D. 1531 (PDF) - Resolve, to Implement a 4-year Moratorium on Solar Energy Subsidies and Direct the Department of Environmental Protection to Study the Economic Impact of Industrial Solar Energy Projects
  • L.D. 1591 (PDF) -  An Act to Promote Economic Reuse of Contaminated Land Through Clean Energy Development
  • L.D. 1611 (PDF) - An Act to Create the Pine Tree Power Company, a Nonprofit, Customer-owned Utility
  • L.D. 1623 (PDF) - An Act to Prohibit All State Subsidies for Electric Vehicles
  • L.D. 1654 (PDF) - An Act to Extend the Time for Certain Public Utilities Commission Proceedings
  • L.D. 1724 (PDF) - An Act to Enact the Beneficial Electrification Policy Act
  • L.D. 1727 (PDF) - An Act to Protect Northern Maine Standard-offer Ratepayers
  • L.D. 1775 (PDF) - An Act to Establish a Clean Hydrogen Pilot Program
  • L.D. 1778 (PDF) - An Act to Ensure a Sustainable Electric Grid
  • L.D. 1791 (PDF) - An Act to Make the ConnectMaine Authority Responsible for Attachments to and Joint Use of Utility Poles and to Establish Procedures for Broadband Service Infrastructure Crossing Railroad Tracks
  • L.D. 1830 (PDF) - An Act to Advance Maine's Clean Energy Goals
  • L.D. 1850 (PDF) - An Act Relating to Energy Storage and the State's Energy Goals
  • L.D. 1887 (PDF) - An Act to Clarify the Review and Procurement Process for Nonwires Alternatives
  • L.D. 1888 (PDF) - An Act to Reduce Electricity Costs for Maine's Consumers and Businesses by Amending the Laws Governing Renewable Resources
  • L.D. 1895 (PDF) - An Act Regarding the Procurement of Energy from Offshore Wind Resources
  • L.D. 1943 (PDF) - An Act Regarding Future Energy Procurements for Renewable Energy Development in Northern Maine
  • L.D. 1971 (PDF) - Resolve, to Ensure that Eligible Customers Receive Payments from the Energy Rate Relief Fund

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