Electric Utilities in Maine

Maine Transmission and Distributions Utilities Map

Delivery of electricity uses the poles, wires and meters that we are used to seeing on our streets and buildings. Because no one wants to see duplicate sets of poles and wires, delivery remains a fully regulated monopoly service, provided by one of Maine's transmission and distribution utilities. Which company serves you depends on where you live as they each have an exclusive service territory.

Maine Transmission and Distribution Utilities Map (jpg)

Delivery Rates

Residential Total kWh Rates( ¢/kWh )
Utility Delivery Supply Note
Central Maine Power 6.83 9.00 $11.00/mo. 1st 50 kWh
Versant Power - BHE 10.90 8.37 $7.54/mo. 1st 100 kWh
Versant Power - MPS 6.59 7.09 $6.59/mo. 1st 100 kWh
Eastern Maine Electric Co-op 8.46 7.69 $7.04/mo. 1st 50 kWh
Fox Island 12.91 11.20 $15/mo.
Houlton 2.24 7.29 $4.55/mo. 1st 50 kWh
Kennebunk Light & Power 4.78 7.90 $3.51/mo.
Madison Electric 8.21 7.73 $8.00/mo. 1st 50 kWh
Van Buren 1.574 7.385 $1.44/mo.

For competitive supply options, please visit our Electricity Providers page.

Updated - January 10, 2019