State of Maine Proclamation


WHEREAS, domestic abuse and violence are serious injustices that affect people and families of all races, ages, genders and income levels; and

WHEREAS, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men has experienced abuse and violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime, and trans and gender non-binary people experience abuse from partners at disproportionate rates; and

WHEREAS, each year, nearly half of all homicides in Maine are related to domestic abuse and violence; and

WHEREAS, over 14,000 Maine people affected by domestic violence reach out for help each year; and

WHEREAS, domestic abuse and violence are preventable through public education initiatives, advocacy for better policies and support systems, resources for people affected by abuse, and holding perpetrators to account; and

WHEREAS, all Maine people have opportunities to support people experiencing abuse and violence, challenge the behavior of abusive people, and transform the belief systems that allow abuse to thrive; and

WHEREAS, together, our individual actions are what will end domestic abuse;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that I, Janet T. Mills, Governor of the State of Maine, do hereby recognize October 2023 as

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

throughout the State of Maine, and I urge all citizens to recognize this observance.

In testimony whereof, I have caused the Great Seal of the State to be hereunto affixed GIVEN under my hand at Augusta this tenth day of October Two Thousand Twenty Three

Official Seal of the State of Maine

  • Signature of Shenna Bellows
  • Shenna Bellows
  • Secretary of State
  • Signature of Janet Mills
  • Janet T. Mills
  • Governor