State of Maine Proclamation


WHEREAS, Maine is renowned for its agricultural heritage and commitment to producing high-quality, locally-sourced products; and

WHEREAS, the Maine Cheese Guild, a pioneering organization in promoting and advancing the art of cheese-making, was officially established in 2003 with an uncompromising dedication to cultivating a vibrant artisanal cheese community; and

WHEREAS, the Maine Cheese Guild, having been in continuous operation longer than any United States cheese guild, stands as a testament to its enduring legacy, showcasing their dedication, leadership, and resilience; and

WHEREAS, the Maine Cheese Guild proudly represents an array of cheese makers, both small and large, embodying the spirit of diversity, collaboration, and innovation within the dairy industry; and

WHEREAS, the growth of Maine's artisanal cheese industry has been nothing short of remarkable, with a modest dozen cheese makers in the year 2003 maturing into a community of over 80 skilled artisans, whose craft spans various dairy sources, including cows, water buffalo, goats, and sheep; and

WHEREAS, the specialty cheese market in Maine has enjoyed steady expansion over the past two decades, generating an impressive estimated 1.1 million pounds of specialty cheese annually, with an estimated market value surpassing $13 million, underscoring the impact of the Maine Cheese Guild's dedication to excellence and innovation; and

WHEREAS, the year 2023 marks a momentous milestone as the Maine Cheese Guild proudly celebrates its 20th Anniversary, two decades of fostering connections, preserving traditions, and enriching our great state's culinary community;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that I, Janet T. Mills, Governor of the great State of Maine, do hereby proclaim September 10, 2023, as

Maine Artisanal Cheese Day

throughout the State of Maine, and I encourage all citizens to celebrate the rich history, diverse craftsmanship, and delectable flavors that characterize Maine's artisanal cheese community.

In testimony whereof, I have caused the Great Seal of the State to be hereunto affixed GIVEN under my hand at Augusta this seventeenth day of August Two Thousand Twenty Three

Official Seal of the State of Maine

  • Signature of Shenna Bellows
  • Shenna Bellows
  • Secretary of State
  • Signature of Janet Mills
  • Janet T. Mills
  • Governor