Executive Order 2: An Order Establishing the Governor's Infrastructure Implementation Committee

Executive Order

FY 21/22

WHEREAS, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 was signed by the President on November 15, 2021; and

WHEREAS, investment in Maine's infrastructure is essential to grow our state's economy, create jobs, and meet the needs of our communities and people; and

WHEREAS, a portion of the $1.2 trillion package will be allocated to Maine to fix roads and bridges, expand high-speed broadband, improve access to clean drinking water, and build a cleaner, more resilient and sustainable transportation network; and

WHEREAS, coordination and delivery of infrastructure priorities and investments will require collaboration among multiple units of state government and with local governments to maximize the benefits delivered to Maine people;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Janet T. Mills, Governor of the State of Maine, pursuant to authority conferred by Me. Const. Art. V, Pt. 1, § 1 and § 12, do hereby Order the following. 

    The Governor's Infrastructure Implementation Committee (Committee) is hereby established. The purpose of the Committee is to coordinate the activities of state agencies to maximize the benefits of The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021. The Committee will develop strategies to leverage the funding allocated to Maine in line with the current MaineDOT Work Plan, Maine's climate action plan, Maine Won't Wait, and Maine's Economic Development Strategy.
    1. The Committee will be comprised of the following members:
      1. The Commissioner of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) or designee;
      2. The Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) or designee;
      3. The Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or designee;
      4. The Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) or designee;
      5. The Commissioner of the Department of Transportation (DOT) or designee; and
      6. The Director of the Governors Energy Office (GEO);
    2. The Commissioners of the Department of Marine Resources, the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and the Maine Emergency Management Agency, or their designees, shall convene a Resilience Working Group to collaborate on and prioritize the funding of natural resource and resilience projects. Staff from DEP, DOT, GEO and the Governor's Office of Policy, Innovation, and the Future shall support the Resilience Working Group, which will make funding recommendations to the Committee.
    3. The Department of Labor, the Maine Connectivity Authority, Maine Housing, and the Efficiency Maine Trust shall collaborate with the Committee on priorities that intersect with the work of their agencies, including infrastructure implementation, related workforce issues, and competitive funding opportunities.
    4. Staff from the Governor's Office and GOPIF shall support and assist the Committee in achieving its purposes.
    The Committee may conduct its work in part by using subcommittees. The Committee shall meet as often as necessary to complete the assigned duties. The proceedings of the Committee are not "public proceedings" within the meaning of 1 M.R.S. section 402.
    The Committee shall convene its first meeting as soon as practicable, deliver a preliminary report to the Governor not later than September 1, 2022, and deliver subsequent reports on a schedule set by the Governor.
    The effective date of this Order is April 25, 2022.

Signature of Janet Mills

Janet T. Mills