On Thanksgiving, Gratitude for the Strength of the People of Maine

Thanksgiving is a time for Maine people to gather with family and friends, loved ones and neighbors. A time to appreciate life’s blessings, a time to welcome others to our tables, to our homes, and into our hearts.

Hello, this is Governor Janet Mills.

Like many Maine people, this holiday season, I am looking forward to turkey, pumpkin pie, squash, maybe green bean casserole. I’m looking forward to sharing time with my daughters, my grandchildren, and pausing at the end of a very busy – and, at times, very hard – year to rest and reflect on things for which I am grateful.

This Thanksgiving, as we share love and laughter with our families and friends, let us also remember there are many who may be struggling this holiday season, especially in the wake of the tragedy in Lewiston. Families across Maine, including those who lost loved ones on October 25th, will be sitting down to a table with an empty chair, and they’ll be feeling immeasurable pain.

Let us, as a people and as a state, continue to extend our love to them and to all those who have been impacted during this incredibly hard time. If you’re interested in helping, please visit our website called “Healing Together.” It’s at Maine.gov/governor/mills. That’s Maine.gov/governor/mills.

On that website, you will find information about how you can support victims and families in Lewiston, and you’ll find organizations involved in the community and in the health care response, and there’s help there for anyone who might be struggling with mental health during this stressful time.

As I reflect on this past year, and particularly this past month, I am grateful that our state is blessed with people who do love and care for one another. People who extend a helping hand when neighbors need it most. You know, people in Maine are known for their independence, and we are certainly resilient, but we know we can rely on each other and ask for help in times of need.

In the seemingly darkest of times – from the pandemic to the tragedy in Lewiston – we have supported and loved one another. And this year, I am grateful for that – and for you, the people of Maine. 

So, as we begin the holiday season, may we hold each other close as family, as friends, grateful for the strength of the people of this state.

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday. With peace and gratitude, this is Governor Janet Mills, and thank you for listening.