Governor Mills: This week we mourn Maine’s fallen hero.

September 30, 2021

The early morning of September 23, 2021, Hancock County Deputy Luke Gross was struck and killed by a motor vehicle while he was investigating a call for a vehicle off the road on Route 3 in Trenton, Maine.

This week, we laid him to rest.

Hello, this is Governor Janet Mills. Thank you for listening.

In a thousand daily acts of heroism and duty that are too often overlooked, members of Maine’s law enforcement find our lost children, protect our most vulnerable, solve heinous crimes, and inspire the very best in us. They perform good deeds routinely with no expectations of honor or thanks.

They defend our right to peace and safety in our homes, in our streets, in our businesses, in our woods and on our waters. They are dedicated public servants who protect and serve our great state.

As Attorney General and as Maine’s top law enforcement officer, I saw their bravery and kindness first hand. Now as Governor, our law enforcement community still inspire me to follow my own path of public service.

For these individuals, the rule of law is not some dusty book sitting on a shelf or bygone beliefs enshrined on a faded plaque.

The law to them is, as it is to us, a promise, a guiding principal governing how we treat one another. It’s the key to preserving our precious peace, our fragile security, and the enduring freedom of our communities across the state.

The rule of law is what our members of law enforcement serve and what they live by. It is what people like Deputy Gross lived for.

Deputy Gross ended his watch, his shift, on duty protecting our state, and his service and sacrifice will not be forgotten. On behalf of the people of Maine, I have extended our deep condolences to his family, his loved ones, and to his colleagues around the state.

This week we mourn Maine’s fallen hero. May we always remember that law enforcement officers risk their own lives every day to protect the safety of all of us.

This is Governor Janet Mills. Thank you for listening.