Governor Mills: We are entering a new era.

May 7, 2021

By encouraging small business growth, research and development, investing in working families and building out our essential infrastructure, we will accelerate our recovery from the pandemic.

We are going to let the world know that Maine is a safe place to live and work, a place where you will have the benefit of a good education, a rewarding career, and good connectivity. A place of unrivaled physical beauty and natural resources, where you can raise a happy and healthy family, and live comfortably in a community that you love in the most beautiful state in the country.

Hello, this is Governor Janet Mills.

This week I was so pleased to announce the Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan. It’s our administration’s proposal to invest the more than $1 billion allocated to the State under the American Rescue Plan Act passed by Congress and signed by President Biden.

This proposal by my administration includes $260 million for immediate economic recovery to address short-term needs and give our economy a shot in the arm. It includes $305 million for long-term economic growth, and $547 million to rebuild our essential physical, communications and human infrastructure.

Our first priority is to ensure the state’s continued economic recovery. We propose a new series of economic recovery grants as well as a measure to lower health care costs for small businesses, and investments in people who have recently started businesses to help them succeed in rough times.

We also propose to use this federal money to tackle long unaddressed needs: investing in research and development, jumpstarting innovation, incentivizing remote work to attract and retain workers here, and bolstering training programs at career and technical education schools and higher eds to expand our skilled workforce.

The strength of our economy also depends on support systems to allow people to live a healthy and productive life here in Maine. This proposal includes funds for infrastructure: to repair roads and bridges and upgrade water treatment systems so we can ensure clean drinking water; plus funds for housing and childcare to build human infrastructure; and, thanks especially to the hard work of Senator Angus King, we offer substantial funding for affordable high-speed internet for homes and businesses all across Maine. 

There is a lot in this proposal, and I sure look forward to traveling the state in the coming days and weeks to discuss these investments in much more detail.

These are truly exciting times.

With higher rates of vaccination — we just passed 50 percent of Mainers eligible who’ve gotten fully vaccinated — testing and treatment, we are pushing through this pandemic and we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Keep up the good work Maine people. Get vaccinated, and make sure your friends know to get vaccinated too.

Now, with the partnership of the federal government, we are entering a new era. We are able to plan for the future. We are finally able to put our state on a solid footing. Now we can offer the people of Maine the promise of prosperity and offer the next generation greater goals, aspirations, and opportunities and something even greater than these: we offer them hope.

These are truly exciting times!

Let’s get it done!

This is Governor Janet Mills and thank you for listening.