Governor Mills: Making Investments in Maine’s Seafood Dealers and Processors

April 1, 2022

Maine seafood dealers and processors are key to our state’s coastal economy, providing thousands of good-paying jobs in one of our most iconic industries, generating billions of dollars in economic activity for our state.

My Administration is working hard to help them not only recover from the pandemic but also to make needed investments that will position them for success in the future.

Hello, this is Governor Janet Mills and thank you for listening.

This week I announced that I am opening up a new, nearly $16 million grant program through my Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan to Maine’s seafood dealers and processors. Starting April 1, those businesses can apply for funds to recover from the pandemic and to invest in processing infrastructure here in Maine that will make them more resilient to potential future disruptions to worldwide markets.

This grant program is being administered by the Maine Technology Institute. To apply, starting on April 1st, you may visit their website at

Grant programs like these can help small businesses pay for expenses like utilities, as well as equipment, payroll, inventory and other necessities to help them recover from the pandemic.

This new program is just the latest in my Administration’s efforts to sustain Maine’s small businesses in the short term and to strengthen them in the long term.

We’ve dedicated $273 million to Maine businesses and non-profits to mitigate impacts of the pandemic. We’ve created programs to help small businesses offer affordable health insurance to their employees and we’ve replenished the state’s unemployment trust fund to help prevent tax increases on employers. We’ve also dedicated federal relief funds to our farming and forestry industries.

These investments in Maine’s small businesses are only just the beginning because we know that small businesses are at the heart of Maine’s economy and they are at the foundation of our future.

Stayed tuned for more announcements on investments my Administration is making in Maine’s economy by visiting

This is Governor Janet Mills and thank you for listening.