Radio Address: Governor Mills: “Health care is a human right.”

More than a year ago Maine voters, including many of you listening right now, voted overwhelmingly to expand Medicaid at the ballot box.

Maine people have waited long enough. My Administration is implementing the will of the people.

Good morning, I’m Janet Mills, governor of the State of Maine and thank you for listening.

Medicaid expansion is the law of the land in Maine, and that is why on my first day in office I issued Executive Order Number One which directs the Department of Health and Human Services to implement Medicaid expansion as swiftly and aggressively as possible.

That was just over a week ago. Since then already we’ve enrolled 529 Mainers in health care coverage under the Medicaid expansion program.

For many of these people, this has the power to change their lives for the better and, even save their lives.

Now they can see a doctor, receive preventive care, afford critical prescription medications, and much more. Now they can stay healthy, work, and care for their families.

And we’re just getting started.

My Administration will review the applications that were previously denied to ensure that every eligible Mainer is able to access the health care coverage they need.

We will team up with health care providers, advocates, patients, the business community and others to help enroll more eligible Mainers.

And, my Administration will work with the Legislature to craft a biennial budget that ensures that Maine people can receive appropriate health care coverage.

I hope that if you or your family are struggling with medical bills in our complicated health care system, you might explore whether you qualify for expanded Medicaid (MaineCare) so that you can receive the coverage you need and are entitled to.

You can apply to enroll in MaineCare today by visiting

That’s backslash my M-A-I-N-E connection.

Look, when my husband Stan had his medical challenges five years ago and passed away four years ago I learned an awful lot about the health care system in Maine.

And we were lucky, we had insurance.

But boy dealing with copays and deductibles and the high cost of prescription drugs is a challenge for all of us, an even greater challenge of course if you’re not fortunate enough to have health insurance.

Health care coverage should not be a luxury or a privilege reserved for well to do people.

It is a human right.

So my top priority as governor is to ensure affordable, accessible health care for every Mainer, every small business, every entrepreneur and family across the state.

Medicaid Expansion is the first, necessary step in reaching that goal and I will not rest until it has been implemented according to the will of the people of Maine. I’m Governor Janet Mills, thank you for listening.

Governor Mills Radio Address, 1/11/2019 (MP3)