Mills Directs Department of Labor to Support Barclays Employees

January 8, 2019

Augusta, ME – In response to today’s announcement that the Barclaycard US, operated by UK-based Barclays bank, in Wilton, Maine will close laying off hundreds of employees, Governor Janet Mills directed the Department of Labor to use all available resources to support the employees, their families, and the Wilton community.

“This is deeply disappointing news that will have a profound impact on the community, the employees and their families,” said Governor Mills. “We will marshal the resources of the Department of Labor and other government agencies to support the employees, their families, and the community, beginning by deploying a rapid response team to meet with the employees to provide reemployment services and help evaluate their health insurance and severance options.”

“Governor Mills has directed the Department of Labor to use every available resource at our disposal to support these employees and assist their families during this difficult time and I fully intend to do so,” said Laura Fortman, Acting Commissioner of the Department of Labor. “The Department of Labor will help these employees seek every possible benefit to which they are entitled to help support their families while they seek new employment and will identify additional services the greater Franklin County can offer in partnership with the Department.”

“Wilton is a beautiful lakeside community, a great place to live and raise a family, and already has a willing and productive work force,” Governor Mills added. “I am confident other employers will see this change as an opportunity and will power their businesses with the hard workers of Franklin County.”

Under the direction of the Governor and the Acting Commissioner of Labor, the rapid response team will be deployed to the area as soon as possible.

On March 31, 227 workers at the call center in Wilton will be laid off. As of July, Barclaycard US employed up to 500 employees at the Wilton call center.