Governor Mills’ Statement on President Biden’s Address to the Joint Session of Congress

April 28, 2021

Governor Janet Mills issued the following statement tonight in response to President Biden’s address to the joint session of Congress:

“I applaud President Biden for a successful first 100 days in office, days that have been defined by calm, compassionate, and competent leadership that is making America healthier and stronger every day.

“Since taking office, I have been focused on making health care more accessible and affordable, on improving education and our public schools, and on strengthening and growing our economy – because believing in and investing in our people is how we build a state that thrives.

“Tonight, with the American Families Plan, President Biden clearly and boldly showed that he shares these important goals.

“I look forward to working with the President to continue making Maine a place where all people are welcome and can have good-paying jobs so they can raise happy and healthy families and live a decent life.

“That’s all Maine people are asking for – a fair shot at success — and with the President’s help, I believe we can deliver it.”