Governor Mills Statement on Legislature’s Passage of Biennial Budget

March 30, 2021

Governor Janet Mills released the following statement on the State Legislature’s passage of a current services biennial budget:

“I believe this budget – which maintains current services and invests in public education and property tax relief without any added bells or whistles – was deserving of strong bipartisan support. While I am disappointed our Republican colleagues did not support it, passing and enacting this budget now provides much-needed stability and ensures continuity of services during this ongoing pandemic. I will sign it when it reaches my desk.

“This will not be the end of budget discussions for this biennium. There is much more work to be done. In the coming weeks, the non-partisan Revenue Forecasting Committee will meet to provide an updated projection of Maine’s revenues, and my Administration is expecting to receive guidance from the Federal government about the allowable uses of Federal funding under the American Rescue Plan Act.

“With this information in hand, my Administration will propose a supplemental budget – effectively part two of the biennial budget – for the Legislature’s consideration. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike will have ample opportunity to consider the most recent revenue projections and the impact of unallocated Federal funds and adjust the State’s biennial budget accordingly. I hope, and fully expect, this important work can and will proceed in a bipartisan manner. To that end, if the Legislature does not call themselves back into session, I will call them back on April 28, 2021.”