Governor Mills Slams Seafood Watch’s Attack on Maine Lobster Industry 

Governor Janet Mills today slammed Seafood Watch’s designation of lobster caught in the Gulf of Maine as on the “red list” of seafood to be avoided. Governor Mills issued the following statement in response:

“Seafood Watch is misleading consumers and businesses with this designation. Generations of Maine lobstermen have worked hard to protect the sustainability of the lobster fishery, and they have taken unprecedented steps to protect right whales – efforts that the Federal government and now Seafood Watch have failed to recognize. No right whale death has been attributed to Maine gear, and there has not been a right whale entanglement attributed to Maine lobster gear in eighteen years.

“This designation is flat out wrong. It sends the wrong message about Maine lobster, and it insults thousands of hardworking lobstermen who risk their lives to put food on the table while practicing responsible stewardship and taking action to protect whales. Consumers and businesses must see through this list and recognize that lobstermen are partners in conservation and sustainability and that the delicious Maine lobster can and should continue to be enjoyed.”