Governor Mills Signs Current Services Biennial Budget Into Law

Governor Janet Mills today signed the current services biennial budget into law and released the following statement:

“Throughout the pandemic, we have worked hard to maintain our balanced budget, to stay on solid financial footing, and to avoid cutting critical services that Maine people rely on more than ever in this difficult time. The budget I signed into law today is an extension of these efforts. This straightforward, basic budget ensures continuity of current services and provides certainty and stability for Maine people, businesses, schools, and municipalities during the ongoing pandemic.

“With this budget as a foundation, we now look forward to receiving updated revenue projections from the non-partisan Revenue Forecasting Committee and guidance from the Federal government about allowable uses of the American Rescue Plan Act funding. These will allow my Administration to craft a supplemental budget proposal – which I consider to be part two of the biennial budget – for the Legislature’s consideration.

“This supplemental will offer lawmakers of all parties the opportunity to build on and adjust the biennial budget based on the most up-to-date information and to make wise and prudent decisions on accelerating our state’s recovery from the pandemic. This will be important work – work that should be bipartisan and productive.”