Governor Mills Responds to Maine Family Planning’s Withdrawal From Title X Program Following Trump Administration’s Gag-Rule

July 16, 2019

Governor Mills issued the following statement today in response to Maine Family Planning’s announcement that it is withdrawing from the Title X Program as a result of the Trump Administration’s gag-rule:

“The Trump Administration’s gag rule is a misguided, backward effort to deny Maine people critical health care like cancer screenings and reproductive health services. Further, it is an attack rooted in ideology – not in concern for public health – and it will only result in reduced access to health care and less healthy people.

“In Maine this year, we have made progress in protecting and expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care services – a sharp contrast from what we see politicians in Washington and other states doing. It is my goal as Governor to ensure that Maine men and women have robust access to health care. I applaud Maine Family Planning for their commitment to keep their health centers open for as long as possible, and my Administration will work with them to evaluate if there is any way state government can be helpful.”