Governor Mills Requests Major Disaster Declaration from the Federal Government

Governor also requests federal funding under Title 32 for the Maine National Guard

Governor Janet Mills today announced that she has submitted a request through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (PDF) (FEMA) for a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration in light of the significant impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on the State of Maine. If Governor Mills’ request for assistance is approved, Maine people may have access to additional resources that support child care, behavioral health, and legal services, among others, needed in response to the pandemic. The Governor’s request is for all 16 counties.

“I am proud of the way Maine people have responded to this virus, and I know they will continue to meet this public health crisis with the same resilience and compassion that has defined us throughout our history,” said Governor Mills. “While I know we will conquer this virus, we cannot do it alone. As Maine people do their part, I am hopeful the President will lend the support of the Federal government by approving my request for a major disaster declaration swiftly and in full. Doing so will allow us to provide more services to Maine people who need them. I thank the President for his consideration.”

The Governor also requested approval of Title 32 Section 502(f) funds for the Maine National Guard. As the Chief Executive, Governor Mills exercises command over the Guard, and her Proclamation of a State of Civil Emergency allows for their deployment. Approval of the Governor’s Title 32 request by the President would mean that the Federal government would absorb the costs of any action taken by the Guard in Maine. At present, the Guard stands ready to assist at the direction of the Governor and their mission could include the use of logistic, medical, transportation, security, rotary and fixed wing aviation, cyber, incident assessment and awareness, and engineering assets to respond to COVID-19.