Governor Mills Recognizes Lives of Lewiston Shooting Victims

Augusta, MAINE – After Maine State Police released the names of the 18 individuals killed during Wednesday night’s shootings in Lewiston, Governor Janet Mills issued the following statement recognizing their lives:

“The victims of this tragedy are our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. It is often said that our state is ‘one big, small town’ because Maine is such a closeknit community. As a result, many of us know the victims personally, including me, who lost a friend in Josh Seal, who Maine people fondly remember from his service as an ASL interpreter during our COVID-19 briefings.  I am heartbroken for the families of these victims, including Aaron Young who was just fourteen years old.  Tonight, I ask Maine people to join me in reading their stories, learning who they were, celebrating them as beloved people, and mourning them as irreplaceable. My heart continues to go out to those who are recovering from their injuries, and we remain committed to seeking justice for all those impacted by this unspeakable tragedy.”