Governor Mills Creates Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee

Governor Janet Mills today signed an Executive Order creating a Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee and named its nine members. The Governor’s Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee will evaluate and advise Governor Mills on potential candidates for judicial appointments and reappointments.

“I take seriously my responsibility to nominate experienced and qualified individuals to the bench because these individuals will serve as stewards of Maine’s judicial system for decades to come,” said Governor Mills. “That is why I have selected for the Judicial Advisory Committee well-respected individuals who have decades of experience in Maine’s judicial system. I welcome their recommendations of candidates for consideration.”

Attorneys interested in being considered for a judicial appointment should visit the new Judicial Nominations page on Governor Mills’ website for information about the process. The Committee will review applications previously submitted by attorneys on or after January 1, 2017. Attorneys who filed applications before January 1, 2017 and who remain interested in a judgeship should update their materials following the process outlined on the website.

In addition to addressing judicial reappointments, the Committee will deal with one vacancy each in the District and Superior Courts. Attorneys interested in being considered for those positions should submit their materials as directed by the website by May 10, 2019.

A copy of the Executive Order is attached (PDF).

Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee Members:

  • John A. Hobson, Chair
    Perkins Thompson
  • Joshua A. Tardy
    Rudman & Winchell
  • Dawn Pelletier
    Pelletier & Faircloth
  • Gerard P. Conley Jr.
    Cloutier, Conley & Duffett
  • Melissa A. Hewey
    Drummond Woodsum
  • Jodi L. Nofsinger
    Berman & Simmons
  • Daniel Rapaport
    Preti Flaherty
  • Walter McKee
    McKee Law
  • Derek P. Langhauser
    Office of the Governor