Governor Mills, Attorney General Frey to Support Independent Commission’s Pursuit of Subpoena Power

Governor Janet Mills and Attorney General Aaron Frey issued the following joint statement today in response to a request for subpoena power by the Independent Commission to Investigate the Facts of the Tragedy in Lewiston:

“As we pledged when we established the Independent Commission, we will do all we can to ensure the Commission has the resources and powers it needs to discharge its fact-finding responsibilities fully and properly. To that end, we support the Independent Commission’s request, and our offices will immediately begin consulting with the Independent Commission and legislative leadership to prepare legislation granting the Commission the power of subpoena, with the goal of having that legislation prepared for the Legislature’s consideration at the beginning of the next session.”

In establishing the Independent Commission, Governor Mills and Attorney General Frey pledged (PDF) that “if the Independent Commission determines that it needs additional funding or additional investigatory power to discharge its fact-finding responsibilities fully and property, then our Offices stand ready to seek any appropriate authorization from the Legislature on your behalf.”